SMA's consulting services provide specialist market advice to sport, government and community organisations in the complex domain of events and entertainment

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Consultancy for Government and Sports Associations

Sports Marketing Australia's consultancy team have extensive experience at the senior end of the highly entrepreneurial events industry. Equally, they have an unequivocal understanding and ability in dealing with conservative Local and State Government bodies and commercial entities.

Through the unique ability of our Senior Analysts, SMA can provide the necessary strategic platform to get Council achieving goals once thought to be unattainable.


Through a commitment to service and dedication to excellence, we have developed proven tools and methods to create the solution that is right for you.

Major projects and services include:

  • Identification of a signature event for a region

  • Development of a city or regions events strategy

  • Analysis and assessment of an existing event to revitalise, provide growth and ensure sustainability

  • Development of a commercial plan for major infrastructure in a regional area

  • Development of a strategic plan for a Council sports unit and Council owned sports infrastructure

  • Development and design of a prospectus for bidding for a major event

  • Development and design of a proposal for securing Government and private sector funding for major events

  • Development and design of a proposal to secure Government funding as well as funding from national sporting associations for infrastructure improvement/development

  • Development of marketing prospectus to promote a region as a destination to attract sporting, conference and art/culture events

  • Identification of natural attributes of a region to attract events outside the normal arena

  • Master plan for sports infrastructure for future needs of a region

Conversely, sporting associations frequently engage SMA's services to assist in negotiations with State or Local Government. SMA also provides assistance to sporting associations in areas such as regional pathways programs, regional facility development/identification, event hosting assistance etc.

Promoters likewise engage SMA's services to assist in negotiations with state or local government for event placement and logistical advice.

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