Sports Marketing Australia has joined forces with Digital Epicentre, the pioneers in the digital broadcast industry.



The Digital Epicentre platform allows your organisation to take advantage of the “new” digital era, by managing video content and controlling the narrative of media while offering a cost effective way to communicate with a range of stakeholders. Epicentre.TV is available 24/7 globally across all devices so your participants and fans never miss any of the action. 

Epicentre's digital solution enables sporting organisations, Councils and Event Promoters to create, curate and commercialise content to generate new revenue streams supporting the financial health of the organisation, while building an engaged community. 

The solution can coexist alongside existing or legacy broadcast arrangements and facilitates distribution of live and on demand content globally. The complete destination site for your organisation. 




  • Create a channel dedicated to your sport
  • Broadcast events Live and On-Demand allowing viewers to access anywhere, anytime
  • Enhance member engagement
  • Increase member retention
  • Drive participation through Epicentre’s technology and globally broadcast platform
  • Create and curate content to support the financial health of the organisation
  • Broadcast events from grassroots to the elite level
  • Connect directly with participants and fan base
  • Provide training and coaching content to assist participants and support staff
  • Video Q&A's allowing the community to interact with athletes
  • Programs dedicated to the analysis of sport at all levels
  • Highlight and promotional packages to engage your viewers in all aspects of the sport
  • Build an engaged community for your sport to flourish
  • The solution can coexist alongside existing broadcast arrangements and facilitate the distribution of live and on demand content internationally


  • Live stream council meetings and create archival footage of council meetings and other important events
  • Reduce costs and environmental impacts by turning paper newsletters and mailouts into video broadcasts that can be viewed by all the community
  • Create a digital website that will increase engagement with the community, taking advantage on how consumers are now sourcing content by video
  • Generate advertising and accommodation reservations revenue, while promoting the destination to leisure tourists or tree/sea changers
  • Position your council to manage the change in how media is consumed, as the impact of local newspapers and television media to communicate messages to the community is much less due to the rise of social media and digital television
  • Create an education tool for the community and promote issues such as, household waste management, pool fencing, dog and cat registrations and development laws
  • Promote the Chamber of Commerce and initiatives to attract new business to the region
  • Promote live streamed and post produced local events to the community, such as Citizenship and Australia Day ceremonies
  • Invest in a digital marketing tool for the council that can be used across all departments
  • Create a 24/7 council channel to play at council facilities, such as libraries, swimming pools, day care centres, administration and visitor information centres


  • Create a channel with the ability to commercialise your organisation’s strong brand in the industry
  • Promote upcoming events, tours and destinations
  • Video On Demand of past events and promotions
  • Live stream shows, events and festivals – options for whole event broadcast or selection of components from an event can be extracted and streamed individually
  • Ability to incorporate a subscription model that would generate revenue for your organisation and the artist/performer
  • Geo block markets to protect ticket sales including regions, states or Australia
  • Artists/sponsors can promote a unique link set up on social media platforms which allow the promoter/Epicentre to track where subscription revenue has come from. If a subscription comes from a link that an artist is promoting, the artist and promoter can agree on a % of the subscription to go back to the artist. This % can be different for each artist. A subscription could be for the whole festival/night or individual performances.

Delivering your stream to the world

See how Epicentre’s digital content manager can work for your organisation. View the links below for a high level overview and user experience:

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